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Get Ready to be poisoned

Look out world; Mother Nature just got herself some muscle… oh, and some sexy curves. Are you ready to enter the evil garden, just be careful for the vines because they’re poisonous. Here to present Gotham’s most venomous villain “Poison Ivy”, releasing its scale resin figure from the artwork of Luis Royo.

She may look sexy but you do not want to get in her way as she has full control of her body strapped with poisonous vines that can kill you instantly. So don’t be fooled by her ability to help protect the environment because she can also spread the poison that will leave you dead.

With Red Fizzle Hair, Red Lips and her voluptuous body covered in vines from head to toe this is a figure not to be missed. Poison Ivy scale measures in about 16 inches from the tip of her hand to the bottom of the base. Included with art card, number plate and certificate of authenticity.

So what are you waiting for, add me to your collection and we’ll have some late night rendezvous. Pre-Order Now available on Yamato Toys USA.


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