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See The Darkness in Dark Elf

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From the mastermind of Luis Royo brings a new kind of evil and her name is Dark Elf.

Living in the world of betrayal, the sword is the only guidance that help protect her from the humans that sought to enslave and attack her tribe. With sharp pointed ears that twitch, she listens to the battle that rages around her. With one breasts laid bare, her body remains warm by the heat of the battle, and feels neither the late autumn chill nor the damp kiss of the fog.

Having long black hair streaming down her neck, both wings big enough for support and hands that rest heavily on cross-guard of the sword, these features brings out the beauty in her. The figure comes with a beautiful base, swords, both wings, certificate of authenticity, art card and number plate.

Don’t miss your chance of owning this beautiful 1/4 Scale Dark Elf by Luis Royo which will add essence to all of your Royo Collection. This figure is now available for pre-order coming this April 2016.


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