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Greek Goddess Web Exclusive Version Of Hera, Athena, Aphrodite and Medusa

The most beautiful Greek goddess has transformed into something different.

Wei Ho x Yamato USA is proud to announce the Web Exclusive version of our Greek Mythology collection. First started in 2015 is Hera, our most popular statue that sold out quickly with many praises from collectors. This was followed by the release of Athena, the goddess of courage, dressed in gold. In January 2016, Yamato released Aphrodite, the enticing beauty and the goddess of love. Lastly, the upcoming Medusa is Yamato’s first ever Greek monster that has sparked attention and has been a widely talked about topic.

These goddesses have transformed into something more “exclusive”, with a finer touch versus the normal version. The structure is incredibly detailed with a beautiful finish to one of the finest collection from Wei Ho. Having both versions standing side by side will definitely bring elegance to your collection.

Pre-order the Greek Myth Web Exclusive version of Hera Web Exclusive, Athena Web ExclusiveAphrodite Web Exclusive and Medusa Web Exclusive on YAMATO USA.


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