Historical Goddess Collection Vol.1: ANUBIS


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Among the burial chamber she moves, the helm of the jackal she wears shimmering in the dim light as she scans the room; of all the forms a god can take, Anubis finds the one as a beautiful, endowed woman to be the most pleasing guise to take.

Beware, any who would dare seek to defile or attempt to rob from a tomb from which she silently guarded, for armed with a great sickle of judgement and death, Anubis is prepared to flay the skin of any who dare come against her!

First in the line of the all new Egyptian Gods and Goddesses collection by Yamato Toys USA, the beautifully crafted Anubis figurine, with her sleek and powerful body, makes the perfect piece for those who enjoy sensual grace and beauty watching over them. ! The Actual product will be lightly different from these images!

Presented in 1/6 scale with cast-off abilities, by the artist and sculptor Michel Rodriguez for YAMATO USA. Fantasy Figure Collection Historical Goddess Collection Vol.1 Anubis, is a Grand Breaking Debut product of FFC Line and a beautiful addition to your collection to FFG Greek Myth Statues!

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