Luz Malefic (LUIS ROYO) RESIN 1/4 Scale


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It is said that a person’s name shapes their destiny.  Then what of Malefic?  Certainly, in the days of Final Judgment, the path is clear for one whose name is evil… or is it?
Yamato USA is pleased to unveil the next installation in its Fantasy Figure Gallery:  Malefic by Luis and Romulo Royo; but even prouder to have it be part of their ambitious multi-media project, Malefic Time, spanning illustration books, novels, manga, music, film, and collectibles.  Set in the year 2038 during the days of Final Judgment and the ensuing battle of good and evil, Malefic Time follows the path of Malefic, a young woman with extraordinary power and a mysterious past, who is the key that will tip the scales in this epic battle.  But in what direction?  Only time will tell.  In the meantime, Yamato presents a 1:4 scale resin statue from a sculpt by Shin Tanabe to fuel your imagination.

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