Lady Samurai by Wei Ho

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-With eyes closed and her heart beating rapidly in her chest, she sits upon her throne with her sword lying across the tops of her thigh. The sounds of battle were clsoer now; it wouldn’t be much longer now. Head bowed and eyes closed, she takes a deep breathe through her nose and breaths slowly out through her sensuous mouth, past soft curved lips, calming her body and spirit for the battle to come. Confident and at peace, she lifts the scabbard from her lap and draws the sleek blade as the double doors across the room opens and the enemy spills into the room. It is a good day to fight, she reflects with a smile as she rises from her throne, and a good day to prove her worth! Lady Samurai; the beautifully crafted, 1/6 scale statuette, with her battle ready, sensual charm is the latest the line of exclusive figurines designed and sculpted by the very talented Wei Ho

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Dimensions 16 x 10 x 16 in


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