About Me
Art of Wei Self Portrait

Wei Ho has been drawing for pretty much all of his life, but his profession in art became fully realized in 1994 doing character concepts for a start-up video game company.

His talent and skills placed him at many companies, doing concept designs, 3D modeling, animations and VFX in both the video game and in the movie industries.

His work has been featured in such movies as: The Mummy 3, Superman Returns, The Chronicles of Riddick, X-Men 2, Garfield the Movie, and Serenity. For a full credits list, check his IMDb page. His dynamic skill set has also given him the opportunity to create attractions for Disney Theme Park attractions.

Today, Wei focuses his talents and skills in creating his own line of figurines that are produced by Yamato Toys, while also running his own online retail store called HeroKingdom on Ebay.

Wei is a dedicated friend and family man, who always takes the time to say hello and keep his friends updated on the projects that he is working on and also provides tutorials on his YouTube channel to help fledgling artist.